Wendesday, May 21st was not a good day for two of the teams that I support. Firstly, Mumbai Indians (MI) lost the game to Punjab Kings XI by 1 run. It was such a close game. I was expecting MI to go ahead and win the game easily when Sachin was still batting, but then everything went haywire and we ended up losing with the smallest of the margins. The feeling of defeat that evening had just sunk in when around 3am, my brother sends me a message saying that Chelsea lost to Manchester United 5-6 in penalties. This was not something which I wanted to hear first thing in the morning. I headed out to gym and started to watch the game, which was being replayed, while working out. I saw John Terry take the penalty and slip and the ball went wide. For that one moment, my hands were on my face and I was almost in tears, feeling the pain that JT felt on missing that penalty. I have never gotten emotional after watching any game, and I really dont know what happened when I saw that penalty. Sometimes luck plays such a huge role. Chelsea could have won the match, but they hit the bar like 2-3 times. Cristiano Ronaldo from Man U even missed his penalty shot, but Chelsea were not meant to be European Champions.. Luck.. Bad Luck to be honest.

Check out this article in honor of JT.

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  1. now that our project is over, u shd write something abt ur team n ur experience so far. Wht say?abu

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