Hair Tickling Ride

Yesterday was my first day of official commute (commuting to office) during rush hours in Mumbai. Took the 8:22 fast from Borivali. As usual it was packed with people. It seems that the state government or the Center, none of them actually care how the people of Mumbai travel in the local trains. Even animals like cows and buffaloes are treated better by the Railways. Anyways, so here I was in the train packed with people sweating myself to glory. The passenger standing in front of me was shorter in height, but had long hair. The funny part was my nose was directly above his hair which were jumping up and down as the train was moving. So all the time, his hair kept tickling my nose and made me sneeze a lot. The ordeal finally got over at Bandra, a good 35 mins later, when there was some space inside the compartment. I just wish I dont have to go through such rides again.