Hair Tickling Ride

Yesterday was my first day of official commute (commuting to office) during rush hours in Mumbai. Took the 8:22 fast from Borivali. As usual it was packed with people. It seems that the state government or the Center, none of them actually care how the people of Mumbai travel in the local trains. Even animals like cows and buffaloes are treated better by the Railways. Anyways, so here I was in the train packed with people sweating myself to glory. The passenger standing in front of me was shorter in height, but had long hair. The funny part was my nose was directly above his hair which were jumping up and down as the train was moving. So all the time, his hair kept tickling my nose and made me sneeze a lot. The ordeal finally got over at Bandra, a good 35 mins later, when there was some space inside the compartment. I just wish I dont have to go through such rides again.

10 thoughts on “Hair Tickling Ride

  1. haha…local trains are an integral part of Mumbai life. But Borivli being a starting point should cause much pain ๐Ÿ˜‰ try reaching about 15 mins before your ride departs, jump in as soon as it arrives at the platform and then sit away to glory.

  2. Anusha, the problem is not jumping in the train.. the train usually comes with people who have boarded from kandivali, malad etc..(return passengers) and those buggers dont even get up when Bandra comes.. they sleep away to glory.

  3. Welcome to the city of torture….:) sometimes i think mumbaikars rabsolute sadists…i mean the way they’ve ACCEPTED all the flaws n tryn squeeze their way into them….n call it “adjustment”…sometimeswen i c the trains in Brisbane…i actually feel sorry for them. nmind u its nothing to do with the population. The only responsiblefactor is how much u wanna “adjust” if people start respectingthemselves a lil more….no govt can ride them. Ever wondered wheredoes the 30% tax go????????

  4. Abe saale you think getting in from borivali is difficult… try getting in from Mira Road ๐Ÿ˜ฆAs every day goes by I’m thinking more and more about moving to a different city… but saala koi naukri bhi nahi deta…

  5. Yes, it will be marginally better. But one person gets the urge to pee on the tracks and the harbour line gets flooded… so there’s a down-side to that too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Such passengers are known as return passengers. They go thru all this trouble coz they have to go all the way to the end point. They deserve to sleep if they are leaving an hour early. What you could do is go to Kandivli, get into a return train and then sleep borivli – ccgt. Hahaha….its s f****d up system. I am so glad im out of it.

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