Random Ramblings

The last few days all of a sudden have gotten very busy. I have been running around from one place to another. Currently, I am working on 3 different projects and all 3 require to me work in 3 different areas. Just last week, I was complaining to my cousin that I don’t have enough work and this week I am overwhelmed with work. But the best part is, I am thoroughly enjoying what I am doing. I think when you are working in a start-up, you get to put your hands in all the areas and learn about everything. At the same time, I may end up becoming Jack of all Trades and Master of none or may be one. I don’t know. Right now, I am currently thinking of starting my studies again. It has been 3 years since I have graduated and I think it is the correct time for me to have a Management degree. I have been doing some basic research about the institutions and courses, but haven’t been able to find a right one yet. But hopefully, will find something soon. In the mean time, I will be giving CISA exam on Dec 13th. I will be doing the early bird registration this week.

Btw, I have started going to the gym again. Well I have been going since last 3 weeks and it feels good to workout. My mornings are really packed, with gym from 6:15am-7:30am and then catching the train at 8:30am with breakfast, shower etc in between. Sometimes it gets really hectic but then it is worth it. I have also registered for Mumbai Marathon. I will be participating in the half marathon. I have never run in one before, so have no idea if I can even run so much. But today was a very good start on the treadmill. I finished 2kms in about 12 minutes. I know treadmill and streets are different but still it felt good. I am aiming to improve the running stamina to 5kms by the end of this month and then another 5 by the end of September. I know high hopes, but then one can’t do anything without planning.

Anyways I have written a lot on this post.. I am going to shut up now and get back to work.

5 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. Aree dont worry.U r toh such a genius ki Master of none or may be one nahi but u will become the Master of all one day for all your projects.By d way I do get inspired by ur daily routine of gym classes however I know it is not possible for me to walk to the gym every morning although I know ki it feels so good to workout, U feel so fresh n energetic the whole day.Good one.Chalo I get inspired or not but maybe others reading this will definately.

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