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The other day a me and a friend of mine were discussing about work and she commented that you have to struggle so much to get to the office. While at that moment I didn’t really understand what she meant by struggle, since being in Mumbai and traveling regularly in the trains here, I am quite used to the daily pushing and jostling for tiniest of spaces. But after a while when the comment really sinked in, I realized commute was much better when I was in Washington DC. I didn’t have any jump in the entering train just to get a better place to stand, neither did I get crowded in, or drenched in someone else’ sweat and there no pushing and fighting or arguing. Just everyone going about their business in a very comfortable manner.

Even in Kolkata, the commute was much better. I didn’t have to take the train here, the auto rickshaw journey was comfortable as again there was not “struggle” to get to office. Getting to work place for only tough some days when I used to travel by the overcrowded “killer” blue buses.

Enter Mumbai. I can now understand how much struggle it is to get to work. By the time you have reached office, almost half of your energy is drained. This by far is the biggest challenge a new comer might face when he/ she arrives here. May be Raj Thackeray should take up such issues, rather than focusing on who said what. A lot of Marathi manoos also travel in the trains. I am sure he will get their votes if he makes their, and with them, our commute comfortable.

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