Mother of all matches

So tomorrow’s game between India and Pakistan is being billed as the final before the final. It is not really surprising to see the hype which has been created around tomorrow’s game. It is after almost 2 years India and Pakistan are playing each other and that too in the World Cup semi-final. A lot of offices have already declared a holiday or half day tomorrow so that the employees can go home/ out to watch and enjoy the game. However, the same is not the case in my office. I am however, hoping to leave early tomorrow and atleast catch one half of the game.

It is after a very long time that a game of cricket is taking larger than life stage in this country. We usually have news about the scams, corrupt politicos, crime etc. For once cricket has taken a center stage and it is good to see that. However, I feel too much advice/ analysis is being done by the cricket pundits which is getting to boredom. I feel they are in fact raising the hopes of billion people and giving them a false sense of security that their country is going to win no matter what. Just imagine all these expectations and then the game turns out to be completely different, all the hopes, expectations turn into anger and media turns heroes into villains in a day. Cricket is a simple game and should be kept in the same manner. Within my heart, I know that I want India to win but at the same time it is just a game and should be kept that way.

Bike updates

Lately, there has been some strange sound coming from the rear tire of the bike. I have to get the same checked and tested by the guys at Yamaha. Hopefully it is not a major problem. I think I am just fascinated with my bike. I know I have mentioned it earlier, but I simply just cant get over it. So far, I have traveled approx. 800-850kms on it over the last 10 days or so. Just letting it go on the empty highway gives me a high. I have already touched the speed of 97kmph, however the 100kmph mark still eludes me. The best part about the bike is its handling and braking. I have gone down from 95kmph to 0 kmph in less than 7 secs. It is also awesome riding through the traffic and cutting corners.

Even though I have traveled 800kms on it, I still think I am learning new things every day. I think driving in Mumbai traffic is the ultimate thing. Here the cars, ricks, buses, people and sometimes even animals can come out of nowhere in front of you and you have to brake really hard. Before, I used to wonder why do people in India honk so much. After riding for last 10-12 days, I know why. Here anything can happen any time. You think you are cruising and all of a sudden something comes out of nowhere and bam!! you have hit them. Just today, I was doing 90kmph on the highway and all of a sudden a rick comes all the way from the last lane to the first lane and still going left towards the shoulder and almost hitting me in the process. Somehow I averted the accident and continued on my way to work.

Nowadays, the random checking of the vehicles by the police has increased. Today was the first time I was asked to pull over on the side. I got down from the bike and the cop asked me for my driver and insurance papers along with the PUC. I gave him the same, he looked at it, verified it, noted my vehicle number. While he was checking my papers, another cop came along side me and asked me about my bike, its top speed and how much mileage did it give. He was impressed hearing that the bike can easily touch the speeds of 130kmph. Finally, after 10-15 mins I was on my way.

All my rides so far have been from home to office and back. Looking to go on a long distance trip.

Addicted to R15

Lately, I have been addicted to riding my bike (Yamaha R15) everywhere I go, be it to work or just outside even to do the most smallest of things. I never knew I would like riding my bike so much. Previously, I would shy away from riding the bike, was afraid that I would hit someone or crash the bike or something nasty would happen. But thanks to my brother, wife and my parents, the fear of riding the bikes on the streets of Mumbai is going away. However, there are still challenges when it comes to riding the bike on slopes. This is one area where I need to improve and improve quickly, if I am to take the bike for long distance rides. However, so far I am just enjoying the freedom it provides.. just getting away from any place, at any time I want and not being dependent on anyone else.

Flight to Mumbai

I was in Chennai for a system roll-out on Thursday and Friday along with RK. The system roll-out went well and everything was going smoothly until our time for departure from Chennai. Our flight to Mumbai was at 19:55pm and hence the cab was arranged for 17:30pm. We managed to finish our work by that time and the only thing left was taking out cash from the ATM. There are 3 ATM’s outside the office all in the proximity of 5 mins. We went to the first ATM and were informed that it was not functioning, so we went to the 2nd one and it turns out the same was also out-of-order. Finally we turned to the 3rd ATM and found ourselves waiting for 10 mins before we could finally withdraw cash. It was already around 18:00 pm when we finally started for the airport. We felt that we were running late since it took approx. 1 hr to get to Chennai airport and counters closed 45 mins before flight departure.

RK wanted to go AAVIN and get some milk products before leaving for Mumbai. We were in two minds: to go or not to go. We looked at the watch and decided let’s go for it. We still had 2 hours for the actual flight departure and decided to take our chance. So we went in the opp. direction to the airport and drive for about 10 mins until we reached the shop only to find out that they were out of stock. We gave up and decided it is best to head straight for the airport. Chennai traffic can get really bad especially with the Metro rail work going on in some parts of the city. There were a lot of intersections where we were just crawling through the traffic. At first, I was very hopeful that we will reach within time. However as time went on, my hopefulness was turning into despair. One eye was constantly on the watch observing the time very closely, counting every minute. Finally at around 19:15 we reached the airport. RK had already signed the receipt for the car driver and a few precious seconds were saved.

As soon as we got down from our cab, we started running towards the terminal. As anyone who is aware with the Chennai airport, there are two departure gates and terminal entry is right in between the two gates. So we saw were theĀ  Spice jet counters were and started running towards that direction. We entered the terminal, and headed straight for the counter. We were probably amongst the last few people to check-in. While the airline person was preparing the boarding pass, he informed me that the boarding for the flight had already started. This was probably the only time when I have been so late without actually missing the flight. After collecting our boarding passes we were extremely relieved as there was no way we were going to miss the flight.

Security checking at the Chennai airport is a very cumbersome process. The CISF personnel, who are in charge of airport security, are extremely slow. There was a very long line for security checking. While waiting for our turn to come, we heard the final boarding call for our flight to Mumbai. I nearly panicked, I was like when will this line move forward. Finally, I put my luggage in the scanning machine and went through the security check. Before that, I could see RK arguing with the security personnel and I was like “Oh no.. something has happened”. I went through the security check and found RK standing near departure gate. I asked him what had happened, and why he was arguing with the security personnel. It turns out, his baggage tag fell down somewhere in scanning machine and he was explaining to the security personnel that there was no way he was going back to get the tag and go through the security procedure again. Well the security personnel heard him out, took another tag, stamped it and asked him to proceed further. In the meanwhile our bus, which took us to the plane, arrived. We looked at each other and had a hearty laugh about the whole thing.

80-20 rule

So after a very long time, I have decided to start writing again. I am going to use the 80-20 rule which is currently being used by a lot of people. Spend 80% of time doing what you have to do and remaining 20% of time doing what you want to do. There is a huge difference in doing what you have to do and what you want to do. I am just trying to do what I should have done a very long time. To resume writing.

I could have written this on my old blog, but I want to take this as a new beginning and see how things go from here. Lately, I have also started to read a lot of books. Reading and Writing were one of my passions as I gave them up in pursuit of something else. Always giving excuses that there is no time, and that I am very busy etc. I have realized that if you really want to do something, you will always find time for it. So I am determined this time to keep writing and reading and not give up on things which I want to do.