Day 44/ 365 – Phir Le Aya Dil

Been listening to this song form the movie since last night and I feel it is one of the best songs/ ghazals out there. It has been sung beautifully by Rekha Bharadwaj.

Phir le aaya dil, Majboor kya kije
Raas na aaya, Rehna door kya kije
Dil keh raha,Usse maqammal kar bhi aao
Wo jo adhuri si, Baat baaki hai
Wo jo adhuri si, Yaad baaki hai
Karte hain hum, Aaj qabool kya kije
Ho gaye thi jo, Humse bhool kya kije
Dil keh raha, Usse mayassar, Kar bhi aao
Wo jo dabi si, Aas baaki hai
Wo jo dabi si, Aanch baaki hai
Kismat ko hai ye, Manzoor kya kije ye..
Milte rahe hum,Badastoor kya kije
Dil keh raha hai,Usse musalsal, Kar bhi aao,
Wo jo ruki si, Raah baaki hai
Wo jo ruki si, Chaah baaki hai
Translation (that isn’t half as good):
I return- my heart compelled, there was nothing I could do
For it didn’t quite agree with me, the staying away from you!
My heart tells me, that I should go
And find that incomplete, half lost memory
Of very long ago
I confess today, it cannot be undone
I admit to all mistakes, each and every one
The heart stirs again to a lost desire
Wants to stoke again, the embers
Of a dying fire
That’s the way fate would have it, there was nothing we could do
Our paths kept crossing, but in a way the world would want them to
My heart cannot still bid adieu
To that unfinished, stifled, yearning
For being with you…

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