I dont understand…

1. Why life is so complicated?
2. Why people turn mean, once they know things are not going their way?
3. Why do people fall in love only to get hurt?
4. Why is it hard to accept a NO from someone you love?
5. Why people value you after you are gone?

11 thoughts on “I dont understand…

  1. remember I had similar questions in my ‘Fake Reality’ post Akshay? Well I dun have the answers my dear. I really dun. Like Mahek says life is an endless mystery.TCKeshi.

  2. Its all a state of mind….It is you who make your life messy and then call it complicated…….Chill….take things one at a time…..I believe Life is not a mystery…..Its a chemistry of beautiful moments…..Carry all those beautiful moments and move on….Chuck the bad memories….always remember “Life is Beautiful”

  3. 1)often the complicated probs. have the simplest of solutions..its all on u!2)human beins r rational n selfish.this is an inherent nature. 3)ppl fall in luv.. cuz they love falling in love ! they dont anticipate any hurts.. or rather i shud say, they dun give a damn abt it !4)its hard cuz we want our beloved to be with us ! this is simple enuff !5)often ppl take u for granted. once u arent there, they realise ur importance !

  4. @Geeta, why is it that we make things messy? why cant it remain fine? I am not saying life is ugly.. but it should not be so unfair..@Richa, wow you seem to have answers to everyone of these questions. I am impressed.

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