Day 102/ 365 – Agonda Beach, Goa

A couple of weekends ago, me and wifey decided to visit Goa for the long weekend. We had been planning to go to Goa for a long time and the long weekend provided a perfect opportunity. Initially, we planned to go along with another couple friend of ours, however things didn’t work out and we decided to carry on with the trip alone. Booking tickets to Goa at the last minute is usually not advisable, but since we didn’t plan the trip couple of months in advance, we were left with no option to book the tickets in Tatkal quota and tatkal tickets are a little costlier as compared to the regular tickets and they can only be booked one day in advance of the journey. The IRCTC website took forever to book the tickets and at one point I wasn’t even sure that we were going. However, everything worked out well and we got confirmed tickets. The stay was not a problem as it wasn’t exactly peak season in Goa and accommodation was easily available.

Agonda Beach is approximately 32 kms away from Madgaon station. We hired a bike from Madgaon station (Pulsar -consumed a lot of fuel) and started our drive further south towards Agonda. The ride to Agonda beach through the highway is simply awesome. The single lane highway is very beautiful and driving on the slopes is good fun. Sad that the bike which we hired didnt have enough power. I would loved to ride my Bullet there. It took us about an hour to reach Agonda Beach. We had visited Agonda Beach earlier in 2011 along with my friend R and his wife B. R’s friend owns beach shack at the Agonda Beach (Hangout at Agonda) and we decided to visit the place. Since then, we (me and wife) have fallen in love with that place. Normally a lot of people prefer to go to North Goa, however, we prefer going to the South and relaxing at this beach. The best part about this beach is that it is not crowded. There are not many commercial activities which take place on the beach and hence resulting in fewer footfalls. Even this time we didnt see a lot of people as compared to some of the other beaches in Goa, however, we felt the number of people increasing this beach had increased as compared to our previous visit. The weather during the day time was humid, but the evenings were pleasant. The best part about the trip was that we were able to relax completely. Some vacations you just need to chill and not do anything – this was one of those vacations. We decided to not go anywhere – just explore locally and enjoy. In the morning, we would go to the beach, enjoy the cool waters, head back have a couple of drinks, have lunch and then again in the evening walk on the beach, come back, have a few drinks and have dinner. Sometimes doing nothing can also be fun. The entire weekend was spent doing this and it was one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating vacations I have had in sometime.

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