Friday Night

Last Friday night was one of the best friday nights I have had in a long long time. I was actually supposed to go a strip club along with my friends since one of them was celebrating his birthday, but then decided against it since I had never been clubbing in US before. I was like.. let me go to a regular club and then I will move on to a strip club (Thanx Medha). One of my roomie’s friend was also celebrating her birthday on Friday, so they had invited to come along with them to H2O. I was like yea sure.. but then again that didnt work out. Finally one of my friends called and asked if I had any plans and I was like NO. So he was like lets go somewhere, I suggested to go Adams Morgan and then after a lot of deliberation we decided to head there. We reached there at around 11:30 and first bar we hit was Angry Inch.. Now the bar was good.. but it wasnt something that I was looking for. So after a shot of goldschlager and vodka, we decided to go this lounge called ANZU. The place was absolutely awesome, the crowd was awesome.. nice hot chics.. what else could 2 guys ask for. We decided to get white russian and after that got our asses on the dance floor. Now I am not a great dancer.. but I guess when alcohol and music get mixed.. you reach a different level and I guess I was at that level. I guess all cities have generally observed clubbing rules, I wasnt aware of mine, so I was just dancing around by myself. Right next to me, were 2 awesomely beautiful and hot girls. After a while we started dancing together and it was the best time I could ever have. Now before you people think anything weird, there was no bumping and grinding.. I acted like a gentleman. The music at the place was awesome, the DJ even played Aashiq Banaya.. I dont know what movie it is from.. but it was awesome. After an hr or so the ladies decided to leave to check out some other places, so me and my buddy decided to go have Irish Car Bomb. After that we decided to leave and check out this place called Heaven and Hell.. The place was dull.. not too many people.. so after a while we decided to leave. It was around 2 or so that we decided to get some dinner. It does feel weird when u are eating soo late and when u are sort of high. My buddy drove us back and I got home around 4am. After which I was still awake for another hour.. checking emails and watching some movie. Finally fell asleep at around 5 or so.

Overall it was an awesome experience.. I wish to do this often. Next saturday heading out to some new kewl place. I didnt know I had a party animal in me.. I guess it is about time for it to come out..

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