We are #1

Just read this piece of news, India has the most number of Aids cases. There are an estimated 5.7 million people in India with Aids. Time to make sex education compulsory in schools?

4 thoughts on “We are #1

  1. Chalo kahe toh #1 hai…I dont think sex ed in skools will be of much help ……ppl are just not ready to use what they ought to use

  2. Isha: I should point you to this < HREF="http://education.guardian.co.uk/schools/story/0,,737127,00.html" REL="nofollow">article<> (there are many others) which indicates that proper sex-ed actually lowers the teenage conception rate. Other studies clearly point to proper sexual education and advertisement as one of the key reduction factors of contraction of AIDS and subsequently the HIV virus. While I’m still learning about Indian culture, I respect that contraceptive use may not be as welcomed as it is in the United States. Even so, knowledge of the risks involved in being sexually active may be enough to at least help <>slow<> the AIDS epidemic, if not stop it completely

  3. Hey Scott, you may be right but here in New Zealand I have seen kids having sex openly in school play grounds. Sex Eduxation is important but may be not in schools. May be during their year 11 or 12

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