Too much on my plate

Too many reports to make. Not sleeping enough. Feeling very tired. Need a vacation.

12 thoughts on “Too much on my plate

  1. @Keshi, AU.. thats far, but it would be worth it. I know. @Sweetk, then you need a vacation too.@Mehak, Bangalore.. yes it is a possibility, but I am looking more towards Goa.. lets see.Yea, I am an Apple fan. :-).@Kits, A drink.. when? where? in mumbai next weekend. 😉

  2. Good luck with them….try to get enough sleep, otherwise nothing would work right….yes, I agree you need some time off….take care

  3. @La Anonyme, I think I am going on vacation sometime during the end of this month. Lets see if it works out.@Farida, yes i think that would work for me.@Kits, ok. 🙂

  4. u have only one life…do what u wanna do…go where u wanna go…see what u’ve got to see…be what u love to be…meet who u love to meet. dun put off things for later.TCKeshi.

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