Load Shedding

I write this post sitting in the darkness waiting for the electricity to arrive. Since the last few days whenever I have been home, there has been load shedding every day for a couple of hours. I used to think West Bengal was a power surplus state, but it turns out it is not. I assume politicians like Mr. Karat etc, never lose power in their houses, hence they are opposing this nuclear deal. One of the major advantages of this deal could be the use to nuclear power to generate electricity. I believe this state clearly needs it the most, since they have the frequent power cuts. All over India, the demand for electricity is rising and these leftists buggers along with BJP (who has now just become used to playing politics) are against these deal. The Left, I believe cares more about China, than our own people. I really salute our Prime Minister for having balls to stand up against such parties and be like do hell with them, I am going to go ahead with the deal.

Just as I have finished writing this post, the power is back. I am going to try and get some sleep before the power goes off again and I wake up to the buzz of mosquitoes and their bites.

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