Good Bye City of Joy

Today is my last day in the City of Joy.. I dont know what to say except I am leaving with a heavy heart from here. I stayed here for almost 22 months and to be honest I have not discovered most of the city as I should have. I will always regret not venturing out too much in this city. I have made quite a few friends here and I am feeling sad that I will be leaving them and going back to Mumbai. But as they say, life moves on and so do we..

When I initially came to Kolkata, I was under the impression that this is probably the worst city in India. There were just too many people, too much pollution and too much poverty in city. Initially the language was a big hindrance in this part of the country.. I would say something in hindi and I would get a reply in bengali. My team mates would speak in Bengali and I would have no freaking clue as to what was going on. But slowly, I could understand a bit of the language, speak a bit to get the daily chores done. It was then that I realized that bengali is a very sweet or misthi language as they would say. After getting over the initial hindrances, I found the city quite liveable and likeable. I have enjoyed most of my stay here. I was fortunate to have very good team members, who helped me a lot in my initial days, something I would always remember for the rest of my life. Overall, it has been a very good experience for me and I am definitely looking forward to visit Kolkata and my friends soon.

The last bit of packing is almost done. I didn’t know I had so much stuff until I started packing. I am pretty sure I am going to overrun my maximum baggage allowance tomorrow. I honestly dont know how much luggage I am carrying, but it definitely feels more than 45kgs. I dont know how much more I am going to end up paying. The next post is going to be from Mumbai..the city that never sleeps, my home. Until then good night and good luck.

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