The Door Mentality

I usually refer to this phenomenon as crowding at the doors. I believe most Indians have this mentality. Be it bus or train, they will always crowd at the doors even though there is plenty of room inside to sit or stand. Previously I used to think it was just Mumbaikars who have this habit from traveling in the trains, but then after flying for approximately 75 times in last 20 odd months, I have come to realize this effect is all over India. I wonder why people do that.. I mean it only causes inconvenience to others. Every morning I have to push people out so I can get in, since all the doorways are crowded. I wish people do have some common sense and learn to utilize the space more appropriately.

7 thoughts on “The Door Mentality

  1. arre fir bhi, most of the times the fans aren’t working or it’s just too mucky, as it is nowadays. The door is the best place to be, any time of the day.

  2. why dont ya board a train from kandivli….. back karna……would take extra 10 mins…..but worth it na……

  3. hmm yes even I wonder. Also I dont understand why people push while boarding the train even though there is space to comfortably get in. Aadat se majboor I guess!!!Saala aisi aadate lagata kaun hai… :-\

  4. @Diya, thats the other thing. I have seen so many times, everybody keeps pushing, but for that 10 secs or so, no one is able to get in.

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