Update from Kolkata

Ok.. so I am sort of back.. Thanks to the free wireless connection in the neighborhood. I didnt know it existed else this post would have come a lot earlier. Anyways, so I am here in the city of Joy and frankly speaking all my joy has evaporated into thin air. I think I need to get more used to the city. Here are my first impressions of the place so far..

1. Ambassador cars

The city is full of them. It seems like the entire Ambassador population is in this city. They are primarily used as cabs here. Though should say, they do make for very spacious cabs.

2.Pan stalls

Almost every single corner has atleast one pan stall. They eat too much pan here and you are right to assume the city has plenty of red artwork.

3.Durga Pooja time

It seems like the entire city comes alive during this time. I am very fortunate to be here during this time. They have set up pandals in almost each and every street here and the entire city population comes on the street every single night for 4 nights in a row. You will find most shops are closed during the day time and open up during the evening. The people of this city roam the entire city on foot every night visiting most pandals. I have never seen so many people come together at night.. it is really awesome to see hundreds of people, with their loved ones, husbands with their wives, guys with girlfriends, walking together, visiting pandals and getting the darshan.

Well I am missing my family here. I wish they were here with me.

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