Restroom ettiquette

The last few weeks I have been observing that some of my colleagues dont wash their hands after taking a leak. Now seriously guys how much time does it take to wash your hands? I am sure their mommies must have taught them “Son, when you take a leak, wash your hands”. I wonder how can some people forget or ignore such things. The good part is that once I see someone not wash their hands after finishing their business, I make it a point to not have a handshake with them. You never know where last their hands might be. I know ewwww.. right!!!

The other thing I have observed is people talking on their cell phones while minding their business in the restroom.. I can understand some calls are very important.. but still I find it extremely gross to pick up my phone, while I am busy..Hmm some people do have some really weird habits. Ohh I have also heard some people playing games on their mobile phones.. Talk about some pressure to perform. There is one more thing that I dont like about some of my colleagues here is that they tend to sing in the restroom, which can get really annoying.. Anyways I am going to end this post here before it gets too gross..

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4 thoughts on “Restroom ettiquette

  1. some very bad toilet habits there.**some of my colleagues dont wash their hands after taking a leakEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!Keshi.

  2. Yes I have heard the same as well! I remember when I was at Ncl, phirangi friend also commented the same abt the English boys! Hhaaha..Men everywhere r dirty. End of story!

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