Attack of the Lizards

Help!!! Help!!! Help!! My bedroom has been attacked by lizards. I came home from work last night and saw three lizards in my room. I also think I saw a couple of them copulate. It seems that they have broken the silent pact between me and them and now it is time for war. I have already starting collecting my weapons, which include bug sprays, more powerful bug sprays, broom and a stick. This weekend is going to the most brutal weekend ever in the history of lizard and human conflict. In case any of you have suggestions please do tell me. And yes wish me luck.

Update: One down two more to go.

Update #2:Three down and I found 2 more

11 thoughts on “Attack of the Lizards

  1. Oh my gosh, I think I’d have crapped my pants…and then run screaming into the street. If you’re facing them alone, you are MUCH braver than I..

  2. @Mehak, Thanks Mehak.. sorry for grossing you out on this one.. well if I find success, then may be I will come and visit your place 🙂@Kits, Thanks honey.. dont worry I wont.@SweetK, First of all a big welcome to you.. to be honest I am also really scared of them@Far, Ok I dont know what Dhoop is.. will inquire about it though.. thanks

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